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Eliminating credit inquiries is a practice that you might want to consider Doing from time to time to be able to stop it from wreaking havoc on your credit rating. There are numerous reasons why a question may pop up in your credit report. This might include requesting your credit card company for an increase in your credit limit, applying for a loan to purchase a home or car, responding to a charge offer in your email and others.There are generally two types of queries soft and hard pull inquiries. Soft pull inquiries happen in situations such as; when a current creditor pulls your charge to confirm your financial situation; if you pull out your credit report or when a business buys your data from any of the 3 credit reporting agencies. Soft pulls are essentially harmless and doesn’t affect or affect your credit score at all. Hard pull queries on the other hand, does. They happen when you apply for a new credit limit, a new credit card, or submit a loan application, and that is the reason you will need to think about removal.Before we return to the four methods you can use to eliminate credit Inquiries though, let us take a close look on why it impacts your credit score inquiry

  • Having too many credit inquiries on your report provides creditors the Impression that you are hungry for credit and may be in financial trouble.
  • They can lead creditors to think that these queries are credit lines which haven’t yet appeared in your report.
  • Too many¬†inquiry removal may be a sign your debt-to-income ratio might be much greater than what you have stated.

Any Reason given above can mean trouble especially if you are Intending to use the money you loan for something quite important.To do this, you will have to order all three of your credit reports. Once they arrive, assess the reports and find the questions usually located at the end. Identify which of these inquiries will be emerging to grantors. Some can be very apparent while others can be a total mystery so be certain you note them down.You can do this by matching your Experian with your Trans Union and Equifax reports or by calling the credit bureau so as to obtain an address or a toll free number that you can use. As soon as you have got all of the addresses, then you are ready to start step three.This is done by sending letters hard each and every query that You have found to be problematic. Request proof of authorization and make sure you send each letter via Certified Mail Return Receipt no signature required. This way you will have a paper trail which you could show to prove the activities you have taken.