• Linas Naginionis
Software Craftsmanship

SQLite for Delphi

With Delphi now being cross platform the need to have a local database is probably higher as never before. SQLite greatly fits into this role – it is free, open source, cross platform, fast, powerful, etc… Personally, it is my favorite database. I’m using it also in “Sound Vibe” player. I hoped that the new Delphi XE2 will support it natively. Well, I guess it was too optimistic…

Sound Vibe Released

Beta version available. Main features: Full unicode support Support for a huge amount of audio formats Windows 7 unique features Hierarchical playlists and media library Media library folder monitor Custom actions after end of queue (shutdown, sleep, etc..) Skins Ability to download album cover from the internet Tag Editor 32…

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