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Me, Marshmallow and Spring4D

I’ve decided to donate Marshmallow ORM framework and join  Spring4D open source project. Read more »


Something’s brewing in the labs…

Long time no see

It’s been a while since my last post. I wanted to share with everyone what’s going on lately in my daily work. Read more »


SQLite for Delphi

With Delphi now being cross platform (Delphi XE2) the need to have a local database is probably higher as never before. Read more »


TPathBuilder – builds your path easily

If you’re a Delphi developer you’ve probably heard that the upcoming XE2 version will target not only Windows but also Mac OS X and iOS platforms (Linux and Android in the future).  I’m waiting for this release with a huge anticipation because it looks like it’s gonna be the best Delphi ever. Read more »


New project preview

Probably everyone who had ever developed some software knows how important is the project building and deployment process.

Read more »


TColor Visualizer

Who already didn’t know, I am using Delphi as my primary programming environment. Read more »


JSON Viewer

“Sound Vibe” isn’t my only one product I’m working on. Read more »


New version available

Today the new “Sound Vibe” beta added to the Downloads section. Read more »


Sound Vibe Released

Beta version available.

Main features:

  • Full unicode support
  • Support for a huge amount of audio formats
  • Windows 7 unique features
  • Hierarchical playlists and media library
  • Media library folder monitor
  • Custom actions after end of queue (shutdown, sleep, etc..)
  • Skins
  • Ability to download album cover from the internet
  • Tag Editor
  • 32 bit audio playback
  • Drag & Drop implemented throughout all the player
  • Audio converter plugin (can convert from 7 to 6 different audio formats)
  • Smart playlist filter to quickly find track You need
  • and many more…

Download from here.

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